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2006-7- "Hamidrasha" Art School Beit Berl Academic Colledge

2013-14- B.ed With Honors Fine Art and Education Oranim Academic College

2014-2016  MA With Honors in Art History University of Haifa



2017- "Building Codes" Solo Exhibition Um El Fahem Art Gallery 

Curator: Hilli Greenfeld

2016- "Tzviyonet" Solo Exhibition in Ramat Gan Museum of Fine Art

Curator: Ayelet Hashachar Coher

2015- "Solid" Kiryat Tivon

Curator: Tali Garbuz Cohen


Select Group Exhibitions  

2017: "Painter's Ceramic" The Red House Gallery, Tel Aviv

Curators: Yaara Oren and Oren Fischer

2016- "Pe'Ilim" Hanegev Museum

Curator: David Wakstein

2016- Inter/National Boxheart Gallery Pittsburg PA

Curator: Nicole Capozzi

2015- Gate 3 Haifa

Curator: Smadar Schindler

2014- "Bogrim 2014" Graduating Art Show Oranim College

Curator: Yochai Avrahami              

2014- Tzeva Glili Group exibition

Curators: Yuri Katz and Asia Dublin                                            

2014- "Wall to Wall" Group Exhibition Wadi Nisnas Haifa

Curators: Sharon Poliakin and Dorit Ringrat                       






2014- Curator's Choice Award, Tivon Gallery                     

2014- Curator's Choice Award, Um El Fahem Gallery                     

In my paintings I am interestd to find moments that combine grace and anxiety in a space where they reside together, like the moment a parent makes sure his baby is breathing in its sleep.

I work on painting surfaces such as plywood (preferebly reclaimed), unstreched canvas, and clay that create a lively dialogue with the painting and enrich its physicality.

I am also preoccupies with the relationship between the image and the format, the politics of which of these two defines the other.


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